Rabu, 22 Disember 2010

TimEs fOr chAngEs ?

Why I sAy tHat it iS tiMe fOr chAngEs? The eNd oF tHe wOrLd..wHo kNowS ?
MaybE tOdAy..mybE tOmoRrow,oR mybE nOw..
OnLy Allah knOws thAt.He thE oNly oNe kNows wHen it haPpEns..
We as His bEliEvErs sHouLd wEll prEpaRed bEfoRe faCiNg ThE JudgEmeNt Day or
TodAy , huMans becOme wOrse aNd thEres maNy sociAl prObLems
esPeciAlly teEnaGers..sAmE as aDuLt..
Man sUppoSely gUides wOmAn bUt tHre's nO moRe..ForgEt aBoUt thEmsElvEs,
fOrgEt abOUt thEir roLe aS servAnt tO Allah..tHe tHiNgs thAt thEy shOuLd do..
PeoPLe sAy tHat whEn tHe timEs nEaR tO thE JudgEmeNt Day , humAns nOt
actiNg , nOt be aS thEy shOuLd bE..CrimEs aRe evErywhEre..
MurdEriNg , stEaLiNg , rApiNg aNd sO on..
Why wE bE likE thAt ??? wHy ?? We eNgrOssEd wiTh gLory of thE wOrld..wiTh faKe lovE
thAt is nOt as thE lovE of Allah to His servAnts..

ActuAlly , I aLso reMemberiNg mysElf..I waNna chAnge ! I waNna bE a gOod servAnt..
I waNna do all His oRders aNd leAve all His rEstRictiOns..
I traiNing mysElf to bE likE thAt becAusE bEfoRe tHis..
I'm nOt aS I am nOw..Allah opeNs my heArts aNd opEns thE doOrs fOr mE..
ChaNges haPpeNs iN mE..aNd thE gOod onE.. :)
MaybE peOpLes loOk at mE wiTh quEstiOns..
wHy sUddEnly I'vE chAngE ?  
ThiS is bEcaUsE Allah hAs chAngEs mE aNd I reaLly thAnk fOr thAt. ;)

So, I hopE all oF uS cAn bE a bEttEr pErsOn aNd sErvAnt..We mUst 
rEmeMbEr , tHe judgEmeNt DAy cAn haPpeN aNytimE.
The dOor oF rePent iS aLways OpeN fOr us.. :)

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  1. hmm..iNsyaAllah,dOakAn akU yuNk..
    sMe2 la kitE lengkApkn diRi.. :)