Ahad, 18 November 2012

TesT FoR Us

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang. .

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku AllahuAkbar. .

Assalamualaikum. .

All praises only to Allah. Today , I have a news. Not so good news. It only breaks my heart and feeling. I knew Allah gave it to me to look at me , want to know either I please or not. Allah want to look at my patience , my faith. . How is it going ? Is it good or worse. I know Allah loves me. .always.  ;)

Yeah , I know my parents hurting inside. Only heard my mum's voice makes me know what she was going to tell me. Bad news. Urgh , I don't like it. Does everyone like a bad news ? None. I know I shouldn't tell anybody. I am just wish that there is someone who willing to share and listen to me. About everything.  However , I couldn't tell and that's makes me a little bit upset + burden.

Only Allah knows what happen. Oh Allah , My God. .help me. I know I can depend on You. Only You. I hope I can handle it. Hoping there's miracle that can change everything bad and unpleasant.

Thank you Allah.  ;)

To my parents , be strong ! I know you can and you know Allah always there for you. .
We can make it right together like before.
I love you and our family.
I'm here for you.

Walkie - talkie : Black sheep of the family. Not a good one. Try to be a white one. Build happiness to your family. Not a sadness. How could you be their children if you don't love them ? Change yourself. They love you and so you are. Right ?

p/s : i know i shouldn't do this but yeah,just wanna put aside my burden a bit.it's nothing.just family matters and hopefully its gonna be fine.Hopefully. ;)

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  1. why shida...why? huhu..
    may Allah make it ease...=)

  2. hehe.xpe2.
    in shaa Allah,hopefully its gonna be okay. ;)