Ahad, 16 Januari 2011

HopiNg fOr Allah bLessiNgs..

Oh Allah , oh My God..
YoUr sErvAnt misS You , miss yOur
mErcy aNd lovE
aNd Your bLessiNg iN my liFe..

AlthOugh I aLwAys rEpeAt thE stAin oF siN
thAt prOmisiNg pUniShmeNt
bUt I reAlizE thAt YoUr fOrgivEneSs
iS uNlimitEd..

I knOw I'm thE sLavE thAt
dEfaUlt oN my prOmisEs
Oh Allah,maKe tHis a tRuE rEpetAncE
fOr You..

Oh Allah,pLeasE fOrgivE my siNs
Oh Allah , bLess mY lifE
I hopE thEres nO oBstacLe iN 
my hEart ..bEtwEen You aNd mE

Oh Allah,I dAngeRed mysElf
iF You dOn't bLess aNd fOrgivE me,
hOw loSt I am

Oh Allah,dO nOt tUrn tHis hEart
aFter You givE mE gUidaNce

2 ulasan:

  1. ya ALLAH, sesungguhnya hamba mu ini sangat kerdil

  2. btOl tu..sNtiasE wAt sLh tp jRg memOhoN aMpUn...
    astAgfiRullah... ;)