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WhAt Is ReaL AboUt TheM ?

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang. . .

Assalamualaikum. . .

Hi everyone ! It looks like a month or more I have not post any new entry. Hee , maybe it because of assignments or  actually I really , really , really lazy to tip tap on my laptop. Yeah , there is a lot of ideas and story to tell you guys about  but I just keep it in mind. Maybe after this there will be another and another new post from me. :P

Before that , I realize the examination is around the corner. Only two weeks more I have to go to classes and tutorials.  Then , study weeks and finally I have get to prepared myself on war ! Huge war ! Hopefully , I get a better outcomes than  before. . Pray for me guys.  :)

Okay , so now I want to tell you about something that wandering on my mind. Look at the title. What is real about  them ? What do you think about it ? Who are them ? And what reality that I want to tell you ?

Confusing ? Dizzy ? Irritating. . ? =_=

Try to look around us. There are many people who differ each other. You and I too. Everybody is different and have their  own ways and also style , behaviour , etc. .

Let me begin with a story. .

One man was confused by a woman who had stole his heart. He was really mad and irritated to that woman. Why ?  Because his girl ran away with another man. Ouch , it really gave him a big scar.  He thought that his ex - girl would not  do that but unfortunately she is gone. Say goodbye to her. .

What he said about his ex - girl ?

  " The first time I saw her , I thought she is a good girl. Definitely good in my eyes. No doubt about it. She is wearing hijab. Her attitude is good for me although she is not like the other woman who know deeply in Islam but I think she is better on the way she is. I do not know much about her but I sure she is what I have been looking for. When time pass by , I discover something about her. I am not have enough knowledge about Islam and I thought both of us would completing each other. She could teach me and so do I. . "

 " One day , I saw her with another man. I do not think much. Maybe it could be
            her friend because we were in different faculty. I starting to feel that between me and her , there is some gap. I do not know. I just feel that she is not her. Her reaction to me , her way to talk , her message is not the same I feel before. But I am just keep that thing a side because maybe she need some space and time. Yeah , sometimes we were fighting. She mad at me , she yell at me , she send a message that hurt my heart. Okay , I bear with it. Someday , or day by day , we could be better. As a man , I do not want to make it worse and be  patient. . "

" Do I look pathetic when I just let her be like that ? I am not try to controlling her. I know we do not have any tie. . Only couple but she is my girl. I do not want to see her hanging out with her friends without me. She might has another boy out there although I think she would do that to me. You know why ? Because people like her who is wearing hijab and cares about 'aurat' and so on could be someone who has royalty , sincere , not lie. . Hmm , that is my way of think. My opinion about people like that. I do not know much about religion okay. . "

      " A man like me do not deserve to have a good soulmate ? Yeah , you are right. I am jerk. I am terrible because my knowledge about Islam is low and social - boy who live in a big city. Always clubbing and do not do what religion had asked. But the truth is I want someone who good and better than me as my soulmate. I do not want a woman who is terrible like me. Never. But in the end , I had been rejected , I had been cheated by her. Ouh man ! I really shocked about this matter. Should we  called as 'karma' ? "

" She said that she cannot continue our relationship because she likes another man in her faculty. When I asked her who that man , she said I do not have to know. Okay , it makes me suffocated for a long time. I knew it. It is really him who was with my ex - girl that day. I gave my all to her but what she was not. Can I think that people like her just a joke ? She just good in the eyes but not in the heart. Fooled me with her appearance. Just cut off her 'good' if she want to be bad. Okay , I am sorry but I kind of losing direction. Which path should I go ? Maybe a woman who do not hide her 'aurat' is much better. . They are good although they are not wearing hijab. . "

So , what can we conclude about this story ? Oops , before that what we can say about this story ? This is not a criticism story. Not a gender story. Not a bias story and so on. This is what we can say about todays world.

 A woman who obeys Islam and who is not. Same goes for man. I am not mention only for woman but also man.

Actually , the truth is people who definitely good is not only good on their appearance but also good on their attitude or 'akhlak'. People who disobey Islam will make it clear that they actually bad or not good. I want to say 'evil' but that is too much. . I could be the one of the evil person too. .

Do you understand ?

No ? Okay , I will explain more. :)

As example , a woman who is wearing 'tudung labuh' and 'baju kurung'. Or we can say a woman who is completely hide their 'aurat'. Wearing stoking , wearing 'sarung lengan'. What can we describe about them ? Good or bad ? Of course we will choose good because we think they absolutely have a good behaviour and have a deep knowledge about Islam. But there are some of us will say not everyone who covering their 'aurat' and wearing hijab and so on is really , really , really has a good attitude or 'akhlak'. Why ? They did what religion asked to do but why you would say such thing ?

What about woman who do not wearing hijab and do not cover their 'aurat' ? What can we describe about them ? Good or bad ? Could you say bad ? Or good ? Why ? We may say that not everyone who do not covering their 'aurat' is bad because they have a good attitude and behaviour too. But , why can they hide their 'aurat' and obey Islam ?

Jeng , jeng , jeng. . .

Here is the question mark. . Could you think ?

There are two part. First , obligation or duty to covering their 'aurat'. Second , obligation or duty to have a good 'akhlak' and behaviour.

First category : People who obey Islam and have a good behaviour.
This is the best part because they have a good 'akhlak' and covering their 'aurat'. This is what we should do and have.  :)

Second category : People who have a good behaviour but do not covering their 'aurat'.
They are good in the part of 'akhlak' but not in duty to covering their 'aurat'.

Third category : People who complete their obligation to covering their 'aurat' but have a bad 'akhlak' and behaviour.

They know what Islam want they to do. Have a good knowledge in Islam and covering their 'aurat' but not completing their duty to have a good 'akhlak'.

Truth :

The people in the second category are good. Really good but they should cover their 'aurat'. When they have hide their 'aurat' , they are in the first category. But , we cannot think bad about them. They actually try to change , try to face many challengers out there. They need time. Time to changes. They need strength. Strength to changes to be a good muslim or muslimah. They need someone who could guide them to light. Maybe they are not really good in religion's knowledge. Good people like them , one day will be a new person. Allah will help them too. Definitely.

Good people will be good people. Good in 'akhlak' and good in appearance. Even though they are not covering their 'aurat' before this but finally they will because Allah know everything and He promised them.  :)

The people in the third category are in the red ink. They loss something. They lost their good behaviour and 'akhlak'. But not all of them are really bad. They have completing their duty on 'aurat'. They only should have a good 'akhlak'. They should try to improve their good behaviour. They also need time. They also need someone to bring them to better path. Day by day , they will have a good one. 'Istiqamah' to do a good thing and be patient. When we always do that , we can make it easy. InsyaAllah , Allah always be with us. He is Most Merciful. He is Most Loving. He loves all of his servant. . Trust me.  :)

The people who is bad will show their badness. Even though they hide it in their appearance. Bad people will be bad people. Before this , they covering their 'aurat' but someday their covers will show up. It will not everlasting. It will fade due time being. They will not wearing hijab , not wearing suitable clothes and so on. Allah knows what in our heart. Angels know what we do too. They write down what we have done. The bad and the good one.

As we know and see now. . My friends too. When in school , they are wearing hijab but out of school. . They are not. In addition , when the schools end. Everyone want to show their beauty to others. Wearing skirt , short , baby Tshirt and the clothes that shows everything.

If we shows our 'aurat' , what will we save and keep for ourselves and our wife or husband ?

Zero. 0. Nothing my dear. .

So , it is not only woman but both. We should have a good 'akhlak' and good appearance. Suitable with what Islam had asked and what Allah asked.

It is not late to changes. Change to be better but not change to be bitter. .  :)

Same goes for me. I am also try to improve my 'akhlak'. This is reminder to myself and to you guys.

Walkie - talkie : Better late than never. .

p/s : saje nak sepeking - sepeking. . cett  :P 

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